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B@S Stakeholder Event Summary Graphic: Sustainable Food Systems
11 Apr 2019 PDF icon B@S Sustainable Food Systems Summary Graphic.pdf
Conceptualisation of Rural-Urban Relations and Synergies
17 Nov 2017 PDF icon D1-1 Conceptualisation of Rural-Urban Relations and Synergies.pdf
Cultural Connections COP Synthesis Report
30 Nov 2021 PDF icon Cultural Connections COP Synthesis Report.pdf
Ecosystem Services COP Synthesis Report
10 May 2021 PDF icon Ecosystem Services COP Synthesis Report.pdf
Expressions of Urban – Peri-Urban – Rural Relationships: Gloucestershire
Rapid Appraisal
20 Nov 2018 PDF icon S-GLO1 Businesses, Labour Markets and Connectivity.pdfPDF icon S-GLO2 Flood Risk Management.pdfPDF icon S-GLO3 Agri-food Innovations.pdfPDF icon S-GLO4 Cybersecurity in Gloucestershire.pdf
Expressions of Urban – Peri-Urban – Rural Relationships: Lucca
Rapid Appraisal
20 Nov 2018 PDF icon S-LUC1 Food System Mapping.pdfPDF icon S-LUC2 Soil consumption, role of open spaces in peri-urban areas and ecosystem services.pdfPDF icon S-LUC3 Coltiviamo la città – Cultivate the City .pdfPDF icon S-LUC4 Orto in Condotta - Gardens in Schools.pdf
Gloucestershire Rural-Urban Update, Issue 1
1 Feb 2019 PDF icon Rural-Urban_Update_1of3_Gloucestershire_final.pdf
Gloucestershire Rural-Urban Update, Issue 2
1 Feb 2020 PDF icon Rural-Urban_Update_2of3_Gloucestershire_final.pdf
Gloucestershire Rural-Urban Update, Issue 3
25 Jun 2021 PDF icon Living Lab Update_3of3_Gloucestershire_final.pdf
Initial insights into the use of Living Labs in the EU-funded ROBUST project
15 Aug 2018 PDF icon Living Labs in the ROBUST project.pdf



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ROBUST is a European research project involving 24 partners from 11 countries. ROBUST receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727988.

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