Developing a cultural strategy for the municipality by identifying key development objectives and priorities

Tukums Living Lab

Tukums is a municipality in Latvia with 30,502 inhabitants, covering an area of 1191.4 km2. The main partners of Tukums Living Lab include all 10 parish administrations and regional stakeholders, who will address three key issues during the ROBUST project: culture, food, and e-services. Together, they will actively engage local residents to help preserve the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region by identifying key development objectives and priorities in the cultural sector and agreeing on their governance arrangements.

Building on the work done as part of Foodlinks, the Living Lab will organise an educational seminar on healthy diets, as well as collect ideas for improving the Tukums market, a significant component of maintaining urban-rural relations and a place where many local residents buy food. Finally, the Living Lab will explore how to optimise the delivery of various public services (e.g. libraries, health care) by using ICTs to maintain links between rural and urban areas. However, in order to make an informed political decision, the municipality needs to carry out assessments as to what services are needed and whether there is demand for them in remote areas, where providing e-services is difficult.

Latest Live Case

Live Cases are a real-time journaling process for the Living Lab case studies. Follow along quarterly to learn more about the experiences and lessons learned taking place in the ROBUST Living Labs.

Tue 29 Oct

Live Case 3: A Regional Conversation on Food and Culture

The Tukums Living Lab organised a regional workshop in Tukums on 8 October 2019 to discuss cross-sectoral interactions between culture, food and public infrastructure and social services. Twenty-five participants discussed a range of topics, from obstacles and issues that hamper innovation...


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