What drives businesses and job opportunities in rural and urban areas?

Urbanisation, suburbanisation, rural depopulation and counter-urbanisation processes all impact on the development of new businesses and job opportunities in rural and urban areas. Yet socio-economic interrelations between rural, peri-urban and urban spaces and economic activities are highly complex. It is critical to understand how and under which rural-urban interactions can translate into a more balanced and more inclusive socioeconomic development.

How will ROBUST deal with new business models and labour markets?

Karlheinz Knickel (PRAC), the leader of ROBUST's Community of Practice on new business models and labour markets, shares some details on the subject in an interview.


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Rural-Urban Business Model Profiles Collection

The New Businesses and Labour Markets COP developed 20 Rural-Urban Business Model Profiles that highlight different models and mechanisms to help enhance rural-urban relations and unlock synergies. The Profiles are intended to be shared widely with a variety of public and private sector actors, and other researchers, through the Rural-Urban Europe Publication Library. They can also be used as a basis for comparative analyses within and across the various Communities of Practice in ROBUST. All of the Profiles are linked below and permanently catalogued in the Publication Library.

  1. Box Schemes
  2. Commoning
  3. Cooperative Housing
  4. Dynamic Purchasing Platforms
  5. Green Tourism
  6. Food Cooperatives
  7. Renewable Energy Sourcing Partnerships
  8. Rural Care
  9. Social or Smart Ride-Sharing
  10. Food Waste Distribution (Franchising)
  11. High-Tech Circular Farming
  12. Slow Food
  13. Territorial Cooperatives
  14. Territorial Employment Partnerships (TEPs)
  15. Trans-Territorial Business Partnerships
  16. Local Food Hubs
  17. Regional Quality Labels
  18. Multifunctional Rural Enterprises
  19. Valorising Food Heritage and Rural Lifestyles
  20. Rural Service Hubs


News about Rural-Urban Europe and the ROBUST project is published regularly in the INFORMED CITIES newsletter.

ROBUST is a European research project involving 24 partners from 11 countries. ROBUST receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727988.

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