Transitioning from quantitative growth and expansion, to qualitative growth and quality of life:
the role of regional land use planning

FRM Living Lab

The Frankfurt/Rhein-Main (FRM) region is the third largest in Germany, and is known for its international airport, the finance sector and stock exchange, and high-tech industry. The core region is economically successful, with considerable job growth and in-migration. Although the city of Frankfurt am Main plays an important role, the region is polycentric with an intricate pattern of peri-urban centres and high-quality open space.

The FRM Living Lab is led by teams from the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain and PRAC – Policy Research & Consultancy. They will collaborate with other regional partners including mayors and other representatives of districts and municipalities in the region, a representative of the Hessen association of rural districts, the heads of Environmental Protection and the Green Belt project group of Frankfurt/M. and of the agricultural and rural development office, as well as the head of the European Office of the Metropolitan Region FrankfurtRheinMain.  Together, they will support the rebalancing of economic, social and environmental goals of the region, which is expected to improve quality of life and increase long-term prosperity.

Latest Live Case

Live Cases are a real-time journaling process for the Living Lab case studies. Follow along quarterly to learn more about the experiences and lessons learned taking place in the ROBUST Living Labs.

Mon 16 Nov

Live Case 5: Keep Calm and Carry On

We proceeded with our Research and Innovation Agenda as planned. We focused on our external experts' report (funded outside of the ROBUST project), which provides us with valuable input for our ongoing planning procedure. Our Living Lab isn’t hypothetical but is linked to the current...


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