The possibility of shortening the food supply chain in Ljubljana's Urban Region and its influence on urban and rural quality of life

Ljubljana Living Lab

The Ljubljana Region entails the capital city of Ljubljana and the 26 municipalities in central Slovenia that are home to 540,000 inhabitants - more than a quarter of population of Slovenia. Most key administrative, scientific, research and cultural institutions are concentrated in Ljubljana City, but the region also has a variety of businesses - from food processing to automotive to IT and creative industries - that create more than a third of Slovenia’s gross domestic product. Moreover, the region is known for its regional food culture, bucolic landscapes, easily-accessible nature and biodiversity.

The Ljubljana Living Lab is led by the Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) and Oikos, and includes various stakeholders that are involved in rural development and rural-urban connectivity and accessibility, such as Local Action Groups (LAGs), University of Ljubljana, Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana Passenger Transport Public Utility, and others. The Living Lab will address issues pertaining to sustainable food systems, sustainable transport and public infrastructure with a focus on accessibility, short supply chains and biodiversity conservation.

Latest Live Case

Live Cases are a real-time journaling process for the Living Lab case studies. Follow along quarterly to learn more about the experiences and lessons learned taking place in the ROBUST Living Labs.

Mon 16 Nov

Live Case 5: Diving Deeper into Local Public Procurement

Ljubljana Living Lab is largely focused on issues of sustainable food production, particularly on short supply chains and interactions between local producers and urban consumers. The main innovation that the Living Lab planned to pursue were new data collection methods from producers and...


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