Sustainable Regeneration for All

Tue 06 Aug 2019

Both urban and rural areas struggle with disinvestment in local economies, social services, affordable housing or public infrastructure – spheres that are not only fundamental for quality of life, but are sometimes key for daily survival, especially in remote localities. And even if urban and rural areas struggle with different challenges, they have a shared need: a need for sustainable regeneration strategies.
On 15-16 October 2019, the 7th Informed Cities Forum will explore ideas and tools for urban regeneration that empower communities and safeguard commons by re-inventing the role of heritage. Meanwhile, the summer edition of the Informed Cities Newsletter - published in cooperation with ROBUST - is taking a closer look at the regeneration challenges that rural areas face, as well as some solutions being undertaken by residents, researchers, civil society organisations, and municipalities to revitalise their struggling communities.

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Title Photo: Rebecca Matthews on Unsplash

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News about Rural-Urban Europe and the ROBUST project is published regularly in the INFORMED CITIES newsletter.

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