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Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the area of tension between the economy and climate change: A case study at rural and city district level in Southern Germany
22 Jun 2020 PDF icon GHG and Telecommuting_Bergs2020_revised.pdf
Multilocality: Case Studies from Helsinki, Frankfurt/Rhein-Main, Wales, and the Metropolitan Region of Styria
22 Jun 2020 PDF icon ROBUST_Short-report_Multilocality_120620_end.pdf
Webinar: Public Procurement for a Sustainable Food Supply
15 May 2020 PDF icon SFS_COP_PPWebinar_Intro.pdfPDF icon SFS_COP_PPWebinar_Slovenia.pdfPDF icon SFS_COP_PPWebinar_SchoolMeals_Gloucestershire.pdfPDF icon SFS_COP_PPWebinar_Towards Local Sourcing_Latvia.pdfPDF icon SFS_COP_PPWebinar_SchoolMeals_Lisbon.pdf
Good Practice: REKO retail and distribution model
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon CoH_Good practice_REKO_end.pdf
Good Practice: Multilocality – underlines use of regions as a starting point for regional planning and development
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon CoH_Good practice_Multilocality_end.pdf
Good Practice: Cooperation in land use, housing and transport (MAL)
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon CoH_Good practice_MAL_end.pdf
Good Practice: Transforming Towns Initiative
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon MW_Good-practice_Transforming Towns_end.pdf
Good Practice: Demand Responsive Transport in rural areas
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon MW_Good-practice_Demand Responsive Transport_CoP_end.pdf
Good Practice: Village halls as digital hubs
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon MW_Good-practice_Village-Halls_end.pdf
Good Practice: Rural Policy Networks
Case Study
30 Apr 2020 PDF icon CoH_Good practice_Rural Policy Networks_end.pdf



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