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A Rural Vision for Wales Thriving Communities for the Future
Policy document
27 Jan 2021 PDF icon Final WLGA Rural Vision Eng.pdf
Developing Sustainable and Flexible Rural–Urban Connectivity through Complementary Mobility Services
26 Jan 2021 PDF icon Developing Sustainable and Flexible Rural–Urban Connectivity through Complementary Mobility Services.pdf https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/13/3/1280
Formal and Informal Governance Arrangements to Boost Sustainable and Inclusive Rural-Urban Synergies: An Analysis of the Metropolitan Area of Styria
19 Dec 2020 PDF icon LL MAS_Governance Arrangements Rural-Urban Synergies_Sustainability_19122020.pdf
Market Failures in Rural Areas
2 Dec 2020 PDF icon Rural Market Failure_PSCOP_FINAL.pdf
Internet Access in Rural Areas: Brake or Stimulus as Post-Covid-19 Opportunity?
20 Nov 2020 PDF icon Internet Access in Rural Areas.pdf https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/12/22/9619/htm
Ecosystem Services in RLVT: Mapping, Enhancement and Integration in the Territorial Planning System
1 Nov 2020 PDF icon Os Servicos de Ecossistemas na RLVT.pdf
How Local Is Local? Rethinking local food and the public plate in Monmouthshire, Wales
15 Oct 2020 PDF icon How Local Is Local_SFSCOP_OCT2020.pdf
Rural-Urban Business Model Profile: Valorising Food Heritage and Rural Lifestyles
3 Aug 2020 PDF icon Valorising food heritage and rural lifestyles.pdf
Rural-Urban Business Model Profile: Rural Service Hubs
3 Aug 2020 PDF icon Rural service hubs.pdf
Rural-Urban Business Model Profile: Regional Quality Labels
3 Aug 2020 PDF icon Regional quality labels.pdf



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