Webinar: Muncipal Food Systems

10 Oct 2019


The Municipal Food Strategies webinar summary and presentation highlight the key points and outcomes from the Sustainable Food Systems Community of Practice webinar, "Municipal Food Strategies", on 03 October 2019. 

The webinar was convened by Dan Keech and Matt Reed (CCRI, University of Gloucestershire). Participants included: Sandra Šūmane and Mikelis Grivins (Baltic Studies Centre); Francesca Galli and Massimo Rovai (University of Pisa); Sabrina Arcuri and Giovani Belletti (University of Florence), Isabel Ramos (IST Lisbon), Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins (Aberystwyth University), Jurij Kobal (Oikos), Katja Butina and Amela Beškovič (Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region); Irune Ruiz Martinez (University of Valencia), Bianca Minotti (Charles University Prague)

The recorded webinar can be viewed here.

Author: Dan Keech and Matt Reed, CCRI; Sustainable Food Systems Community of Practice

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