Webinar: Happy Hour with Carolyn Steel - Q&A Session

9 Apr 2020


The 8th Informed Cities Forum in Lucca, Italy, was cancelled due to COVID-19. Carolyn Steel, author of “Hungry City” and “Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World”, was scheduled to give a keynote presentation at the forum. Instead, she agreed to participate in a live webinar on 2 April 2020, a first for both Carolyn and the Informed Cities Forum.

Webinar hosts Allison Wildman (ICLEI) and Jessica Duncan (WUR) scheduled a follow up Q&A session during the European lockdown with Carolyn as a "happy hour" so that she could answer more questions from the webinar with a glass of Italian wine. It was the closest we could all get to Italy at the time.  This is the transcript from that webinar.

Watch the "Happy Hour with Carolyn Steel" webinar >

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