Rural-Urban Governance Arrangements and Planning Instruments: Lucca

20 Nov 2018

Rapid Appraisal

Rural-Urban Governance Arrangements and Planning Instruments are appraisals of existing regional governance models and tools that influence the relationships between urban, peri-urban and rural areas. The governance profiles focus on cross-sectoral/municipal coordination, cooperation and collaboration mechanisms, as well as any related social, organisational and institutional innovations. Subsequent analyses of the governance profiles will identify what exactly is beneficial in the territorial relationship, why, and for whom.

  • Law of Tuscany Region 65/2014 on the Government of the Territory
  • Authority for Participation: "Circularifood" and "Food Agenda"
  • Community for Food and Agri-Biodiversity

Photo: PartecipaToscana

Author: Francesca Galli, Sabrina Arcuri, Massimo Rovai

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