Finnish Subsidiaries in Estonia: A survey of the investment motives of multinational companies

1 Jul 2019


With a combined population of about two million people, Helsinki and Tallinn constitute a growing urban region that straddles the Gulf of Finland. In May 2018, the mayors of Helsinki and Tallinn concluded a cooperation agreement that promotes the realisation of the twin-city concept between the cities. This report from the Helsinki Executive Office (ROBUST Helsinki Living Lab partner) analyses investments made by Finnish companies in the Tallinn region and provides new knowledge about why these companies decided to invest in Estonia. The report also describes the extent of Finnish-owned subsidiaries’ business operations in the Tallinn region and how the operations are distributed between various industries.

This report is written in Finnish, but includes a Preface (p. 7) and Conclusion (pp. 31-33) in English.

Author: Tamás Lahdelma

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