Expressions of Urban – Peri-Urban – Rural Relationships: Lisbon

23 Nov 2018

Rapid Appraisal

Expressions of Urban – Peri-Urban – Rural Relationships ("Snapshots") are succinct reviews of previous projects, studies and data about what is already known about the relationship between urban, peri-urban and rural areas in the regional Living Lab. The Snapshot focuses on the factors that limit/enable beneficial relationships and highlight inspiring examples of rural-urban synergies. The aim of the Snapshot is to provide a better understanding of the needs, availability and comparability of data across the Living Labs.

  • PROVE - short marketing chains for argicultural produce
  • Aldeia da Mata Paquena Turismo de Habitação
  • Junto de Si - active aging project
  • Lettuce Grow - digital platform for local agriculture
Author: Maria do Rosário Partidário

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