ROBUST partners hosting a Circular Economy Business Models session at URP2020

Tue 23 Jun 2020

ROBUST partners from CCRI and the Austrian Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research (BABF) will be hosting a session entitled "Circular Economy – from business models to regional transition?" at the forthcoming on-line conference 'Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships - URP2020', on 25-27 November 2020.

Dan Keech and Matt Reed (CCRI) and Theresia Oedl-Wieser (BABF) are hosting a session on circular business models in relation to rural-urban functional synergies, specifically:

  1. What range and types of circular economy (CE) enterprise models can be identified/characterised?
  2. How do these underline rural-urban synergies? Food, minerals, energy and social sectors seem to offer especial potential.
  3. How can such innovations best harness regional economic transitions, for example through the transformation of pubic and social infrastructures, and beyond a proliferation of inspiring but scattered good practice?
  4. And conversely, might CE lead to a lasting change in enterprise culture (e.g. from competition to enhanced collaborations, fostering social progress) in addition to ‘green growth’?

Read here for more details on the session (number 23).

The deadline for abstract submissions is 30 June 2020.

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